BCS Programmes

The British Computer Society (BCS) is also referred to as the Chartered Institute of IT. It is the leading IT qualification body offering a range of widely recognised courses. Through constant professional development and innovation, BCS has gained much popularity in the UK and internationally as it promotes new thinking, education and knowledge sharing. The institute promotes links between industry, academia and business. BCS provides world class modules based on current trends in the IT industry.


BTEC Level 3 Nationals

  1. BCS caters for a wide range of courses from basic IT skills to professional IT qualifications.
  2. BCS programmes for beginners consist of an elementary course which introduces individuals who have never used a computer before to basic skills.
  3. BCS offers qualifications in all areas of IT, covering areas such as word processing, keyboarding skills, animation and online safety.
  4. BCS professional programmes on offer are avant-garde in the sense that the programmes deal with current global issues such as Green and Sustainable IT and IT governance and information technology.

Where can a BCS take you?

  1. It has 70,000 members across the globe and this already gives an indication about the growing demand of these programmes and the number of students enrolled.
  2. BCS programmes have been designed to enhance the career of individuals.
  3. BCS programmes have a recognised international presence, delivered in over 200 countries.

What are the different types of BCS?

There are three levels of Higher Education Qualification (HEQ). Each level is a complete qualification that leads to the next level.

  1. Certificate in IT

    The Certificate level provides a comprehensive understanding of IT essentials.
  2. Diploma in IT

    The diploma in IT is a more intensive programme where the student starts to specialise on the chosen core discipline.
  3. Professional Graduate Diploma (PGD) in IT

    The highest level of qualification is the Professional Graduate Diploma (PGD) in IT. It is equivalent to an Honours degree. It provides a route to postgraduate study at many UK universities.

BCS Programmes at EBCI

For its first intake, EBCI is offering all three levels of HEQ leading to Professional IT qualifications: Certificate in IT, Diploma in IT and the Professional Graduate Diploma (PGM) in IT.

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