Foundation Programmes

What is a Foundation programme?

Foundation programmes (also known as access or bridging courses) offer the opportunity to people who do not have high qualifications to further improve their education level. The Executive is offering foundation programmes to students so as to enable them to improve their qualifications and to allow them to progress onto degree courses.

Why study a Foundation programme?

The foundation programmes of Edexcel run by The Executive is recognized worldwide and it gives the following advantages:

  • A route to acceptance on a degree course offered by higher education institutions or universities
  • University entrance criteria in science, engineering, and the humanities
  • A supportive environment in which tutorial and pastoral care are important. When you enroll for a foundation course, you will feel much more confident to pursue your first year degree studies.

How long is a Foundation programme?

These programmes are usually 9 months to one academic year long and there are several intakes per year.

What are the entry requirements?

Students must be over 14 years and will usually need to have studied Science subjects during their high school education.