There have been innumerable training programmes for sales professionals and various topics have been covered like soft skills, negotiation, pitch, prospecting etc. Still there is always 'something' which is more latent and hidden which is the reason for sales failure. These are the deep rooted psychological factors. If these factors are not eradicated then any amount of training on tangible issues will not help in achieving the targets. Thus this highly effective 2 day workshop aims in first understand and eradicate such issues like the ICEBERG CONCEPT and Procrastination and then on the 2nd day concentrate on the A.S.K system which is a bridge between the psychological and tangible issues related to sales. Thus in 2 days, the participant shall be able to IDENTIFY AND ERADICATE the real hindrances in achieving SALES TARGET.

Date, Time and Venue

  • 15th and 16th August 2013
  • 9.00 am to 17.00 pm
  • The EXECUTIVE, FD Complex, 124, St. Jean Road, Quatre Bornes (Just after the old DCDM building)

Target Audience

Sales and Marketing professionals from any sector like Service, product etc as well as for any sales team in FMCG, Whitegoods, Service or Institutional Sales

Deadline for registration: 13th August 2013

For further information, please contact

The Marketing Department
The Executive Business and Computational Institute
Phone: 230-4543666 / 230-4543777
Email: marketing@executive.ac.mu

Mode of delivery

Theory, Discussion and Case Studies, Debates and Role Plays


Mr. Nandish TORUL

Investment and Discount

  • Rs 10 000 per participant
  • For at least 3 participants from same organization, a discount of Rs 500 per participant will be applicable

Refund Policy

  • Drop out by 1st August 2013 - Full refund
  • Drop out before 8th August 2013 - 50% refund
  • Drop out after 8th August 2013 - No refund

Special Notes

  • HRDC refund will be applicable as per existing rules and regulations
  • Payments can be made through cash, cheque or bank transfer
  • All payment by cheque have to be made in favour of EXECUTIVE BUSINESS AND COMPUTATIONAL INSTITUTE
  • A/C details for bank transfer:

    BARCLAYS BANK - Bank Account Number: 25/2001409


Day 1

  • What is Procrastination?
  • The Iceberg Culture - what is below the iceberg?
  • The Cost of Procrastination - by procrastinating, what are the consequences
  • The Why Not today Concept - what happens when you think you have tomorrow
  • The 8 Flavors of Procrastination
  • 7 Steps to getting things done

Day 2

  • Introduction
  • Attitude - What kind of attitude one must have to be in the sales profession
  • Skills - you can the attitude but that alone will not let you fly the plane, you need skills
  • Knowledge - methods get outdated - technology too, are you in tuned with the latest

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