The basic objective of this programme is to refresh the skills of professionals who are in some way or formally involved in Customer care operations. This programme shall enable the participants to

  • Refresh and resharpen existing skills
  • Will help the executive/supervisors to relook at strategies and come out of the 'have been working like this' syndrome
  • For new executives, it will be an eye opener and a first step in skills building.

Date, Time and Venue

  • 15 February 2013
  • 9.00 am to 17.00 pm
  • 11th Floor Bramer House, 66, C2 Cybercity, Ebène

Target Audience

  • Customer care executives, supervisors and managers who are already in the business
  • New customer care executives
  • Departmental heads and executives who are not formally in customer care but still do these functions in an indirect manner

Deadline for registration: 8th February 2013

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For further information, please contact

The Executive Business and Computational Institute
Phone: 230-4231112/230-7293088

Mode of delivery

Theory, discussion and Role Plays


Dinnesswarsingh AUBEELUCK

Investment and Discount

  • Rs 3500 per participant
  • For 2 or more participants from same organization, a discount of Rs 700 per participant will be applicable

Refund Policy

  • Drop out by 26th January 2013 - Full refund
  • Drop out between 27th January to 2nd February 2013 - 50% refund
  • Drop out after 2nd February 2013 - No refund

Special Notes

  • HRDC refund will be applicable as per existing rules and regulations
  • Payments can be made through cash, cheque or bank transfer
  • All payment by cheque have to be made in favour of EXECUTIVE BUSINESS AND COMPUTATIONAL INSTITUTE
  • A/C details for bank transfer:

    BARCLAYS BANK - Bank Account Number: 25/2001409


Consumer and Customer

  • Understanding the difference between Consumer and Customer
  • Difference in service sector and product sector psychology of customer
  • Direct and Indirect Customers

Characteristics of the perfect Customer care executive

  • Attitude
  • Not being personal
  • Courage to take ownership
  • Vibes and Aura
  • Jelling with the physical environment

Attitude is All

  • Attitude is all. Do we really understand what is Attitude?
  • Do I need to care? If yes, with heart or use brains?
  • Difference between Self Respect and Ego
  • IT IS NOT PERSONAL... Do not take it personally - MANAGEMENT OF personal emotions

Personality and Communication

  • What Is personality and why is it important to have a positive presence
  • Dressing, hair style and uniform
  • Communication Skills - verbal and written
  • Speak the language of the customer and take care of your expressions
  • Sarcasm /Positive/ Warm/Reproach

Understanding the customer

  • Different personality styles of clients. Psychological analysis
  • Understanding proactive and reactive customer care
  • Observing the client ,Body language of the client
  • Direct and Indirect Customer - (real customer and his/her representative)

Solving the Problem and winning over the customer

  • Is there a problem or is it a non issue?
  • Using the LIST system to understand and solve the problem
  • Acting skills... for the honest intent
  • What to do when I do not have an answer?
  • Take feedback and follow up
  • See off with a smile, confidence and comfort

Other important factors affecting Customer care

  • Well documented Customer care and protocols
  • Are internal processes right in place and in the right place?
  • Proper team structure

Team work

  • DO NOT PASS THE BUCK... Don't create more troubles for yourself
  • Helping your colleagues, your bosses and your subordinates
  • Stand for each other


  • Recap of all discussed
  • Learn from each case and make out a positive memory for yourself and the client
  • Build the city and not a wall

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