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Student life at The Executive is enriching. This is partly because of its diverse student population consisting of people from different countries. Such an environment creates opportunities for people from different backgrounds to share their experiences, knowledge, and skills. Students benefit in countless ways from such opportunities, as they develop a more open and global attitude, which is definitely advantageous for their career at international level.

The Institution is conveniently located in Quatre Bornes, found in the centre of Mauritius and it is within a range of 5 kms from the University of Mauritius, Ministry of Tertiary Education and Mauritius Examination Syndicate. Shops, food courts, recreational facilities and the bus stops are but a short walk away.

There is always a pleasant atmosphere around The Executive campus, as students come and go to lectures, meet with staff, study for exams, and attend tutorials and workshops.


Starting higher education at The Executive means that you are starting a new chapter of your life. You will be exploring a new environment, meeting new people and making friends, and setting your own priorities. You're going to face big changes in a small amount of time, which can be both exciting and intimidating.

Many of you will now have to manage your own time, handling your social life and dealing with finances, etc. The Executive understands that sometimes, it is not easy for you to deal with your new independence. We place great effort in ensuring your academic success, but at the same time, we make sure you enjoy your time at The Executive. As such, our competent team is always ready to provide support to our students, if required. If you feel you are struggling with your workload or feeling homesick, the counsellors will be able to put you back on your feet and help you move forward again.


Mauritius, also known as 'paradise on earth' has so much more to offer than simply its white sandy beaches, near-perfect climate, lively and warm people, great food and peaceful environment. It also features among the top 20 twenty economies on the overall ease of doing business out of the 185 economies rated by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank. Along with this excellent performance, Mauritius is equally ranked 8th as world's freest economies and it continues to be a global leader in economic freedom. In parallel, for the 6th consecutive year, the Ibrahim Index of African Governance ranked Mauritius 1st for democracy, economic and political freedom.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why, living in Mauritius is considered to be a blessing.

As a student in Mauritius, you will enjoy the cultural diversity (68 percent Indo-Mauritians, 27 percent creole, three percent Sino-Mauritians and two percent Franco-Mauritians) and have the opportunity to learn from the multiplicity of spoken languages (French, English, Creole, Hindi, Mandarin, etc.)

Every year, you can experience from the dragon and firecrackers of the Chinese New Year's festival to the luminous festival of lights of Divali, or the Cavadee celebration and beautifully wrap up the year with a merry Christmas.

The multi-cultural society allows you to enjoy a great diversity of food, from Indian cuisine to Chinese and local menus. Students can also enjoy well known fast food restaurant chains such as Kentucky, Mc. Donalds, Pizza Hut, etc.

Living and studying in Mauritius inevitably brings new avenues and many activities are organised among friends.


For its first participation at the Inter-Tertiary Educational Institutions Sports Competition - UNIVERSIADE 2013 - The Executive made its mark in football and athletic games. Our students experienced hope, surprise, and the joy of being together to support their institution.

Over 2000 students in post-secondary education participated in the games, in numerous disciplines such as athletics, rugby, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and cricket.

The football team of The Executive forged their way to a memorable football campaign at the Universiade 2013. For its first participation, The Executive reached the quarter finals and maintained a winning record for 3 football matches. Moreover, one of our students, Jumnoodoo Keshwar won the bronze medal for 800 m race.

"It was a group of energetic and confident students. I'm very proud of them," Dan Hurkoo said. "They are special to me, and I am happy of the first performance of The Executive. Participating in sports is not only about medals, but about how our students benefitted in terms of greater personal confidence and self-esteem; greater connections with their institution and stronger peer relationships."


  • Affordable cost of living
  • Affordable Tuition Fees at The Executive
  • Accredited programmes and Internationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Free transport for students
  • Free Health care services
  • Tertiary-level programmes based on both British and French systems
  • Simple visa procedures
  • Acquire work experience and earn money by working up to 20 hours on a part-time basis
  • Safe and comfortable place to live and study
  • Democratic country with social, economic and political stability
  • Easy to adapt to the living environment as the Mauritian society is at the cultural cross roads of Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Multi-lingual society whereby English and French are commonly spoken. Good opportunity for students to learn additional languages
  • Mauritius is well located geographically (Surrounded by Africa and Asia) and is served by many airlines
  • Mauritius has a tropical climate with temperature varying from 15° C to 35° C
  • Natural beauty of the country with sandy beaches and unpolluted environment

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  • The Executive is the only Mauritian Institution offering one of the world's best degree programmes, namely the international degree programmes academically led by LSE and awarded by University of London (UoL)
  • The cost of studying LSE/UoL international degree programmes at The Executive costs one-eighth of the price of studying at LSE in UK
  • Students are given the possibility to study part of the LSE/UoL programme in Uk at additional cost
  • The Executive also offers the prestigious programmes of the British Computer Society
  • For those who do not meet the requirements to do higher education, foundation programme of Edexcel/Pearson are taught at The Executive
  • There is a rich student body consisting of students from different countries
  • The tuition fees charged by The Executive are among the lowest in Mauritius
  • The Executive provides accommodation arrangements, transfer from the airport and first meal free of charge
  • Students have the possibility to do sandwich courses, to attend workshops and to have job placement
  • The Executive offers State-of-the-art facilities at its campus with CCTV security, wi-fi system, library facilities, computer lab, air-conditioned classrooms, Data projectors and screens, parking facilities, comfortable furniture, scanning/printing and photocopying facilities, etc.
  • The Executive offers great value for money


A warm welcome to our International Guide Section - especially created for you to get all necessary information before starting your higher education at The Executive in Mauritius! If you can't find the answer to your question please email our dedicated team at or use our enquiry mail.

Studying at The Executive in Mauritius is one of the most exciting things you can do. You will not only learn academically, but also culturally and socially. This will definitely result in the acquisition of life skills, independently from your chosen area of study.

Our International students are given a really warm welcome at the airport in Mauritius. The transfer from the airport to The Executive is free of charge. We are aware that coming to study and live in a new country may be difficult, but don't worry! We arrange for accommodation and we offer you internet connection, bed and mattress, wardrobe, blanket, pillow, common kitchen and common bathroom. We alleviate the burden of students whereby they do not have to pay the usual 3 months advanced payment for accommodation, water and electricity bills. Once students reach Mauritius, there is no refund of tuition fees.

You may wish to consult the following website for additional information about the cost of living in Mauritius:

Once you have secured a seat to study at The Executive and that your visa is ready, our "Overseas Guide" will be sent to you.

Indian students may wish to contact directly our office in India, Exoduseducare at

How to apply

To apply for a seat to study a programme at The Executive, students have 2 options:

  • They may contact the admission office for additional information about the programmes on offer and their requirements or
  • They may wish to directly fill in the application form and submit it along with all required documents to the admission office requirements

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