Vision of EBCI

To become the leading Higher Education Institution in the region and aspiring to occupy an international position by providing world-class quality education and empowering large numbers of students and professionals.

Mission of EBCI

To facilitate access to internationally recognized programmes and to produce highly competent professionals for the development and advancement of the region.

Objectives of EBCI

  1. To make accessible internationally recognised educational programmes and to empower large numbers of students and professionals in the region
  2. To foster regional development by offering programmes relevant to the needs of the region
  3. To ensure employability of our students by preparing them for the challenging market demands
  4. To provide programmes of the highest quality in accordance with international standards in order to equip students with the needed knowledge and skills to compete internationally
  5. To achieve academic excellence and apply modern concepts in different fields of knowledge aiming at producing globally competent graduates
  6. To play an effective role in the transmission, preservation and development of knowledge
  7. To internationalise our education system through research, staff exchange, students' exchange and collaborating with international institutions